What is Tele-medicine

Tele-medicine is a unique and cutting edge technology that allows our office to expand our services in many ways.  For our patients who live locally, tele-medicine allows multiple providers to meet with you, your child and/or family simultaneously.  We believe that a multidisciplinary care team is the best way to approach the mental healthcare of the patient.  Often times our providers are working at other clinic sites, and using tele-medicine we are not limited by scheduling restraints. 

For Provider's, facilities and community partners 

Tele-medicine may allow our office to provide psychiatric and counseling services to your facility, no matter where you are located in Alaska.  We can provide services to group homes, stand alone clinics, Juvenile Justice facilities and many other types of programs. Please contact our office if you would like to inquire about our tele-medicine services. 

For Families
Tele-medicine also allows us to reach out to the most rural and isolated towns and villages of Alaska.  If you are interested in seeking psychiatric or mental health care for you, your child or family member, please contact our office.  We may be able to facilitate a tele-medicine connection with your local health clinic.


Here is the Help page: https://www.lifesize.com/en/cloud-help/call-someone-call-without-cloud

The nuts and bolts 

Tele-medicine sessions are conducted using a Real Time Video Conference.  The video connection uses precision HD cameras to allow for a clear visual picture of the patient and the provider.  The audio connection uses high powered microphones and speakers to facilitate the feeling of an in-person session.  The connection is secure.

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