At Orion Behavioral Health Network, our philosophy is that providers, individuals, children and their families are a team. Our professional and caring providers will assess the individual and family as a whole, carefully considering all relevant factors.  Based on this evaluation, we will provide resources that will best meet the needs of you and your child.

We are devoted to providing comprehensive psychiatric services and delivering excellent high quality health care.  Our team prides itself in our expertise of both the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. We believe that the relationship between health care provider and patient is of the utmost importance.  We take a balanced approach, going beyond symptom relief and help you find ways to revitalize you and your child's life.

Our services are primarily available to children and their families ages 3-18.  We do see some adult clients and serve even in the most remote communities of Alaska using state-of-the-art tele-medicine technology. 

Our mission is to support the patient in reaching their optimal physical and mental health.  We believe in working one-on-one with each patient and their family/caretakers to provide expert psychiatric treatment, guidance, and care tailored specifically for your mental health concerns.  Our psychiatrist (MD), physician assistants (PA), licensed therapy providers (PsyD,  LPC and LCSW), and other medical staff work together to provide all services necessary to achieve your goals.  
Please contact us today to schedule your initial evaluation.

For emergencies, please call ACMHS/Providence psychiatric or behavioral crisis line 907-563-3200

The fastest way to enroll a new patient at Orion is to complete the new patient forms and fax them to (907)726-0332 or email to [email protected]

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